So I Went to Israel. Again.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I had the good fortune of returning to Israel this month. Sadly, I took a dead camera for that I couldn't locate the charger for, which meant that I had to take any & all photos on my trusty iPhone. Which meant that I didn't take very many at all. I did, however, snap a few solid pics of amusing things from across the Land because, hey, priorities.

Without further ado...

This is my new favorite word.

While wandering through the sleepy town of Tiberias on a night off, a few of my new friends & I encountered this year-round haunted-house-slash-horror-cinema. I have a lot of questions about why that exists, period, but more importantly, what is 7D? That's more real than real life!

Even the religious appreciate pop culture & have a sense of humor! Nevermind that their references are a few months dated. But, like, Man on a Ledge is playing in Israeli theaters right now, so I'll give them a pass. (No pun intended...)

 I found Aladdin! In a shawarma shop on Ben Yehuda Street!*

This fancy little piece of crushed-skeleton artwork, which is not at all morbid, is just hanging out at the front of a lovely little cafe in the quaint city of Tzfat. It's quite reminiscent of that crushed-Muggle fountain statue in the Deathly Hallows Part I, no? MAGIC IS MIGHT!

Is there anything creepier than a good old-fashioned doll museum? I say no - except for good old-fashioned doll museums advertised upon rusted signs from the 1970s.

Sometimes things get lost in translation, yanno? Just please don't wet on the mosaic.

A picture of a person taking a picture of a person taking a picture of a girl taking a picture. Most meta! (Love me some well-done urban art.)

A number of common brands sold in the U.S. are also sold in Israel, but with slightly different tastes & sometimes, slightly different names. Diet Coke, for example, is a little bit less carbonated, & Doritos taste a little bit more like tortilla chips. But this gum, which tastes just like its American cousin, threw me for a loop. Is it for professionals? Is it made professionally? Tell me more, Orbit.

I'll have the Pleasure Salad, please - with a little bit of extra pleasure, if you don't mind?

*The worst part? This guy was America. For shame, buddy.

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