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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I don't typically like when people do "Sh!t My Boyfriend Says"-style blog posts because... well, maybe because I rarely think the sh!t anyone else's boyfriends say is very funny. My own boyfriend is relatively funny, but I've thus far refrained from trying to convince you of this, lest you feel the same way I do about such posts. But the day has come, friends. Nathan has been extra funny today.

  • While putting a graduation card for his sister into the (admittedly rather small) envelope it came with, Nathan looked baffled. He held up both the card & the envelope & asked,
    "Do I have to put this in another envelope?"
    "I don't understand what you're asking," I responded.
    He tried again: "Is this, like, the outside envelope, or do I need to put this envelope into another envelope? Is this the final envelope?"
    Dude, these aren't classroom Valentines. That is the envelope.

  • At the end of the first episode of "Hell's Kitchen," the eliminated contestant took off his chef's coat & walked down a long, dark hallway, through a set of lighted doors, & Nathan asked, "What, did he die?"

  • While at our favorite local record store, Nate spotted a postcard of Albert Einstein, which reminded him of a story from his childhood:
    "There were four kids. Did I ever tell you about how my parents had four pictures hanging up? Me, Jessica, Einstein, and Madeleine, with Einstein's picture instead of Brice's."
    "Didn't your parents also tell you that one of you had a genius IQ, but they wouldn't tell you which one?"
    "Oh, man. I never made that connection."
    Brutal. Guess it wasn't you, babe.
I should also note, though, that he's been just wonderful as I grieve the loss of our beloved kitty Stringer Bell, so it's not all fun & games 'round these parts. LOTS of crying going on, but we try to keep it from getting too emo.

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