If That's Movin' Up Then I'm Movin' Out

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A lot of people have a lot of questions, quite understandably, about the current status of my life & when Nathan & I are moving & whether I am panicking & so on. I actually just typed "packing" there instead of "panicking," which should give you some insight into my state of mine.

Here's a quick outline:
  • The movers come tomorrow at noon to take away our stuff. Because we're using the military's contracted movers, we are not allowed to pack anything, which means our apartment still looks like we're not going anywhere.
  • I leave New Hampshire for Ohio on Tuesday, where I'll stay until Sunday. My "sister" will be visiting from Venezuela/Texas & an old high school friend is getting married, so despite the bad timing, I know it'll be a great trip - but, yes, I feel moderate to severe guilt about leaving town mid-move.
  • Sometime while I'm gone, Nathan will drive to New Jersey & settle in.*
  • On Sunday, I fly from Ohio to Boston & then bus to Portsmouth, where my car will be waiting for me at the station. Now homeless in New Hampshire, I will drive to my friends' place an hour away, where I'll crash in their guest room for the night.
  • On Monday morning, I'll get up early to bid the Granite State adieu & drive the five hours to Red Bank, arriving at my new home sometime in the early afternoon. 
  • We will spend Monday through Wednesday unpacking & settling in*, hopefully spending Wednesday evening at Red Bank's Independence Day festivities, which I'm told are fantastic.

The asterisk next to both instances of "settle in" signifies our biggest headache: Because we don't yet know when the military's movers can deliver our stuff, we may be sleeping on an air mattress for a couple of weeks, living out of suitcases & whatever we stuff into our cars.

This doesn't get a bullet point because it's a permeating, all-the-time thing: Throughout all of this, I will do my best not to vomit, pass out, scream, cry, or generally have a metal breakdown. Alas, the chances of my holding it all together are decreasing rapidly...

See you in New Jersey, my dear readers!

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