On Moving to the Jersey Shore

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Remember that time I freaked out really hard about the news that Nathan & I would be moving to New Jersey this summer? Yeah, that still happens from time to time, but for the most part, I am making peace with our upcoming relocation. Though New Jersey was by no means our first choice for a new home, the military controls us - and what the Coast Guard says, we do.

Luckily, we've found a nice town to call home, & I desperately hope really think we're gonna like it there. A particularly discerning (read: snooty) friend called it "the Austin, Texas, of New Jersey," which seemed like high enough praise for us to check it out, & now it's settled.

In July, we're moving to Red Bank, NJ.

Here are some things Red Bank is famous for:
  • Being the hometown of writer & producer Kevin Smith
  • Being the setting for AMC's "Comic Book Men"
  • Being the hometown of an addict named Rachel, featured on "Intervention"
  • Being the birthplace of famed composer Count Basie
  • Being the filming location for this video set to Matisyahu's "One Day"

OK, so maybe it's not famous at all - but it still seems relatively cool. A little bit like Portsmouth, but near a different big city (that'd be THE big city, NYC) & with public transportation. It's got a great food scene, lots of snazzy boutiques, &, you know, Kevin Smith. It's a 20-minute drive from Nate's base, & and jaunty 90 minutes (sarcastic use of adjective) into NYC by train so that I can work from the office a few days a week. We'll start looking for apartments when Nate gets back in May, & we'll move just before the Fourth of July.

I confess to being a little bit disappointed that we have to move, as I'd just started to bond with Portsmouth & have begun to really like it here. Granted, I still only know two people in the area, but that's my own fault for not trying very hard. I won't make that mistake in Red Bank. Imma hit that town full force & find me some friends! I've already begun following & tweeting at locals who seem like they might have insight into how to get into the local scene.

Know anything about Red Bank? Know anyone who lives there? Have tips for making friends in a new town? I'd love to hear from you. New Jersey, here we come!*

PS: I wrote this post a few days ago & saved it as a draft. I published it today because I'm trying to channel that same positivity right now, but let's be honest: I want to cry every single time I think about moving to some town in the boonies of New Jersey. And don't tell me it's near beaches. I hate beaches.

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