I'm Going Going, Back Back...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My heart is in the East & I am at the edge of the West - but tonight at 9:30pm, I leave for the East! That's Israel, specifically: I'm headed overseas for 10 days to lead a KESHER Birthright Israel trip, as I explained in this post, & I will have limited Internet access while I'm gone. No blog writing or reading for me! You can follow some of my travels & travails on Twitter by following me at @heysuburban or following my group at @Kesher397. I have but one measly post scheduled in the queue, which means you won't be hearing much out of me until I return home on the 23rd & catch up on my sleep by spending a full day or so in a jetlag coma. Until then, kol tuv & l'hitraot!*


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