Fashion, Police Me!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

You know, you guys are really nice. Yes, you. The response to my last attempt at fashion blogging was so positive & kind that I decided I'd give it another go. Brace yourselves.

I've been hoarding these photos in my phone for a month or two now because, let's be real, I don't look nice every day. I work from home, y'all. Some days I don't even wear real pants. But now that I seem to have accumulated a critical mass, I decided it was time to round 'em up & post 'em for your judging pleasure. There are at least three looks in the bunch that I seriously dislike, including one that I absolutely loathe. Hey, sometimes experiments go wrong. I included them for the sake of honesty. Everyone has bad days!

Things I've learned:
  • I prefer pants but almost always wear dresses.
  • I need to learn some new ways to style my hair. 
  • I think winter is my favorite season because boots are my favorite shoes.
  • I own far too many necklaces & not nearly enough scarves.
  • Must. Acquire. More. Cardigans.
  • I might be pigeon-toed.

And no, I didn't bother to move the cat's food & water bowls before taking these photos. I mean... I'm not a real fashion blogger. They can keep their tripods & fancy photography. Low-budge works just fine for me!
Please bear in mind that I almost always shop alone, & Nathan tells me he likes almost everything (the boy must be lying), so I don't get much feedback. I just wear what I like & whatever seems comfortable & not hideous. I'm pretty comfortable with my style, but if you feel the need to be brutally honest with me, please don't be too brutal, for I am a sensitive flower.

Also, is it creepy that I just posted 16 photos of myself? I feel like the most vain person alive. All in the name of blogging, yo.

PS: I've gotten some surprisingly nasty responses to this post (off the blog), including people who've asked why on earth I'd do this. I thought it was fun & didn't realize it would cause some sort of uproar. I share basically everything about my life - why wouldn't I show you what I look like?


  1. 2, 4, 6 and 12 are my favorites. If you are vain, then so are 50% of the people reading this because they are probably bloggers who have done a fashion post as well. You're documenting, not showing off.

  2. I like 2, 11, and 14. I envy the fact you are bold enough to experiment and it looks like you pull it off. This will he the first fashion blog Ive read and I like its honesty. Maybe Ill learn something from here.


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