Christmas Can Be Creepy

Sunday, December 4, 2011

For starters, can anyone explain to me why these weird wooden creatures are $12 at Joann's? If I wanted ugly crafty ornaments made of pinecones, I'd make them myself. They'd probably look about this good.

I suppose I cannot say for certain whether these are Christmas ornaments. Perhaps they're year-round home decor - alas, that prospect is too scary for me to consider. I can imagine the sale pitch now: "Is there a doctor, psychic or all-around sexy blonde dude in your life? Buy him or her a glittery mermaid representing his or her personal style! This works extra-well if he or she is uber-ripped & has scaly flippers." Merman, pop!

I don't know what this thing is, but it's like the Christmas version of a Chucky doll. For a mere $24.99, you can facilitate your own nightmare before and/or during Christmas!

One of my BFFs, Sammi, texted this photo to me & her mom with the caption "creepiest thing i have evvverrr seen."

It just so happens I'd take quite a similar photo as my original inspiration for this post. SMALL DOG ARMY!

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