Thursday, September 8, 2011

Last night, I scolded my cat for peeing on my bedroom floor.

(Could you be mad at that face for long?)

I'm sorry, little guy. I should have known you'd never, er, piss me off that way. Turns out, it was an issue of leakage, but not the bladder-related sort. When I hopped into bed last night, the carpet squished under my feet - one step, then another, then another.

I escaped Irene, but I can't say the same for yesterday's rainstorm. Apparently my apartment is in a "low spot," which means the storm water crept in & saturated my bedroom floor. As a result, I woke up to a room that smelled like a swamp & was nearly as wet.

Kudos to my landlord for sending the maintenance guy out immediately; contractors are coming back tomorrow to re-carpet & to seal the leaks. In the meantime...


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