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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Unlike a lot of bloggers, I rarely receive PR pitches. I attribute this to a few things:
  1. This blog is popularish but not that popular.
  2. My posts do not necessarily reflect the most effusive tone, which may, admittedly, scare off PR folks looking for gushing reviews.
  3. I do not blog about any specific niche. It's tough to pitch someone on "Stuff that's just plain funny."

Lately, though, I've gotten a number of PR pitches - from folks who have clearly never even looked at my blog. My first instinct is, "They like me, they really like me!" followed immediately by raging anger at realizing that:
  1. I am not actually special.
  2. They probably sent this email to 100 other bloggers they didn't read.
  3. These people suck at their jobs.

First, let me tell you about the kinds of pitches I'd be interested in receiving:
  1.  A lifetime supply of WB shows on DVD in exchange for writing an in-depth summary of "Dawson's Creek" as a metaphor for real life, complete with pictures of the show shrine I cultivated as a teenager (actual photo to the right)
  2. ....

OK, that's all I can think of. Now, let me describe a smattering of pitches I've actually received in the last few months:
  1. An invitation to a Boston event from a PR chick who "thinks it's awesome [I] spread the word about events and other things [I] love about Boston," which, I should note, I have never done.
  2. An eco-friendly line of hairstyling products... for babies & small children
  3. A Threadless-style designer T-shirt company... for babies & small children

n two of these, the senders got my name wrong. In other words, total suck.

Let's be clear. In the past, I've accepted a couple of paid advertising requests & have done subtle "reviews" (ish) on products received. But these are for/on things I like - boots, magazines, bags, dresses - and they make sense for me, a girl who blogs about... um, nothing in particular, really. I'm a simple gal - but I'm not a gal with small, trendy kids or a deep knowledge/abiding love of Boston.

Is it so much to ask that PR people look at blogs before sending poorly thought-out pitches that are likely to receive nothing but aggravated responses? Are they just pulling blog names out of a hat? Throwing darts at someone's Google Reader? I was a PR person once (albeit only for three months, but... well... shhhh), so I hold them to a higher standard than others bloggers might. Do your research, folks. Earn your money. Don't be stupid. Above all, don't make me hate your product by ticking me off.

I also don't understand why I've gotten three emails from the same woman asking to guest post on my blog by writing a post on relationships. Same rules apply there, but... it's weirder.

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