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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things I don't like about driving in New Hampshire:
  1. Stupidly combined lanes
    At Ohio traffic lights, it's common for the straight lane & the right-turn lane to be one & the same. This makes sense, as neither requires waiting - when the light turns green,  you just go. In New Hampshire, however, the straight lane is usually combined with the left-turn lane, which means you can't go straight until the guy ahead of you (& the guy ahead of him & ahead of him) has turned left, which means waiting for oncoming traffic to subside... just so you can go straight. Am I taking crazy pills, or is this absolutely nonsensical?

  2. Traffic circles
    Or roundabouts. Or rotaries. Or whatever you want to call them.I don't necessarily have a problem with them, as they're a fairly logical means of connecting multiple roads, but as I have The Worst Sense of Direction Ever, I spend a lot of time driving in circles. Literally.  

  3. Sneaky left turns
    You know what people in New Hampshire looooove to do? Turn when it is not their turn to turn. (Say that five times fast.) But seriously. When stopped at a red light, it's common knowledge that the person heading straight has the right of way; the person waiting to turn left must, you know, wait. But not here. Here, the first person waiting to turn left typically hits the gas like a bat out of hell & turns left before the person going straight (i.e. me) has a chance to step on it. This is an accident waiting to happen. Also, it is rude. 

  4. Drawbridges
    There are two in town, & they open every 30 minutes, which means that you're approximately 100% likely to get stuck waiting on one. And did I mention that one of them isn't even drivable anymore because it was condemned? Yeah, they'll be rebuilding it in 2014. Convenient.
Things I do like about driving in New Hampshire include this license plate, & perhaps this license plate alone:

He lives! Kreacher will be so pleased.

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