It Getts Better. The Senate Says So.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

You know, I really do try not to get (too) political on this blog. Which is a blatant lie, based on this post, & this one, & maybe this one. Oh, & don't forget this one. BUT STILL.

Also, I sort of hate YouTube. When people send me links ("OMG, funniest thing everrrr, I swearsies!"), I never get around to watching them, which only serves to make me feel like a Luddite when I can't keep up with their jokes later. YouTube is way too much of a time-suck, & I can't multitask if I'm watching a video or twenty. (Says the girl who blogs on her lunch breaks!)

Anyway, I digress. This video isn't about politics, even though its done by politicians. And its message supersedes my general dislike of YouTube.

If you're taking bets on whether this little number brought me to tears, I bet you won your bet - enjoy that money! Or actually, maybe you didn't win, because anyone who knows me at all would put money on my crying over this, so perhaps your bet was a draw. In that case, I'm sorry I'm so predictable.

A million thank-yous to Delaware's Sen. Chris Coons, who spearheaded this video, & to my senator, Sherrod Brown, who appeared in it, as well as to all the brave senators who spoke in this video on behalf of equality &, you know, general compassion.

Also, based on this video, I would like for Sen. Mark Udall to adopt me & be my father. Please? Anyone? Just me? No? Come on, he's awesome. And super fatherly. Right?!

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