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Friday, June 10, 2011

Things New Hampshire doesn't have:

Mixed bag, huh? But our state drink is apple cider & Jumanji was filmed here. I can get down with those.


    1. haha i went to college in NH! Its great to have no sales tax!

      but its not great to have to drive 4000000 hours to the nearest civilization sometimes! Oh and I think its so cool Jumanji was filmed in keene! love keene!

      have a good weekend :)

    2. Oh this has really made me laugh - are some of these jokes?! Like... pizza delivery!?
      I need to come and live here. Definitely my kinda place!

    3. Haha this made me laugh. When I listened to the music video I was like "But Robert Frost wrote that poem in VERMONT!" and then they mentioned that, good thing. It's funny because when I go to NH I always think how "developed" it is versus Vermont. 

      And Groupon hasn't made it to Northern New England, yet? But it's made it to the end of the world to Santiago Chile. That's strange. Get on it, Groupon. 

    4. Wait, are you upset about the lack of chlamdeia (can't even SPELL)? Because that seems like a good thing?

    5. I live and work RIGHT by the Vermont/New Hampshire border and sometimes
      cross the bridge for Wal*Mart (when the Co-Op is too expensive, etc) or
      the liquor store. Telling.

      Once I'm on the other side, I can feel that everything has changed. I'm
      not longer in the territory of "Vermont, naturally" and have crossed into the land of
      "Live Free or Die"

    6. What??? No trash pickup? What do you do with all your garbage? Also, no Mormons? I thought they were everywhere these days - I mean they even made it all the way to Europe.


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