That Time I Was on "Top Chef" Talking About Rootbeer & Steak

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

OK, so maybe THE COOLEST THING EVER just happened to me.

And OK, maybe it wasn't the coolest thing ever, but it was pretty effing cool.

A few months ago, my roommate Andrew & I skipped work (with the bosses' permission!) & drove out to Mount Vernon, home of wooden-toothed George Washington. The reason for our day trip? We were diners at a "Top Chef: DC" challenge!

I didn't blog about it at the time because we were asked not to; I still won't reveal much other than the fact that I was there & it was awesome. It was, by far, the coolest thing I've done here in DC, wandering the hallowed grounds of our first president's home while shoveling down bite-sized meals created by some of the country's best chefs. To my dismay, it turns out that neither of my favorite dishes - Kenny's harissa pork with quinoa & Andrea's rootbeer-marinated steak - made it into either the top or bottom, indicating that I have a sloppy, uncultivated palette, or something. Whatever, Padma, at least I don't wear rompers.


Tonight, excited about our potential TV debuts, Andrew & our roommate Jason & I hosted a little (BIG) viewing party at our tiny apartment, hoping to catch a glimpse of ourselves on the greatest cooking show in the land. There were about 150 diners present, so we figured we wouldn't get screen time but would maybe spot ourselves in the crowd chowin' down.

Imagine our surprise & delight when we found ourselves in the crowd not once but FOUR TIMES. Once in the background. Twice at chefs' tables (me at Kenny's & him at Amanda's). And one super-unexpected close-up of me talking somewhat awkwardly about the food. My big line? "I wouldn't have expected rootbeer to taste good... on meat."

That's right. Soda & meat made me famous for a whole six seconds. And the best part was the comment a close friend left on my Facebook about her toddler son: "LOVE IT!!! and AC was yelling 'there's Katy I found her momma!!!' you are officially famous to him!!! so cool and you looked cute too...loved the diva glasses :)"

Temporary stardom win.

I'll be signing autographs while I wait for an agent to call me.
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