P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Things)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Because Canon has yet to master the art of a point & shoot that points & shoots video both horizontally & vertically, I have this bad habit of accidentally taking videos sideways. This is annoying, I realize, particularly because I have a weird pinched nerve in my neck that makes craning it awkwardly to view these videos at a normal angle somewhat... well, awkward. Oh, also, painful. But this one is worth the neck pain.

Background: My visit home last week included some time at the local townie bar, where my college boyfriend bartends. My mom & I stopped by to watch my childhood best friend's dad's new rock band, The Jillettes, jam as only middle-aged rockers in a new band can. Half the bar was full of the parents of kids I grew up with; the other half was filled with people I went to high school with. [Small town, you're not givin' me many options here.]

When the show ended, the place cleared out & my friends & I found ourselves in charge of the bar music. Because it was entirely silent when I approached the jukebox, it was entirely obvious that I was the one who chose to play Whitesnake, TLC & Matt Nathanson. Not embarrassing at all...

I also played Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror," & a friend played "Smooth Criminal." The band was good, but the bartender might've been better! If you've got only a short moment, play the first; if you've got time to appreciate some behind-the-bar dance moves, go with the second. Either way, enjoy.

Got a crick in your neck yet? And in case you tuned in to the commentary, yes. Some day I shall learn to Harlem Shake. And it shall be the crowning glory of my otherwise rhythmless life.
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