Breasts for Breasts

Monday, May 10, 2010

Now that I've sufficiently intrigued you with the title of today's post, let me be direct: You will be disappointed to discover that this post has very little to do with breasts of the "nice rack" variety & has almost everything to do with chicken.

Maybe you've heard that Kentucky Fried Chicken - now going by KFC only, to nix the, er, misconception that they only sell artery-clogging meats - is donating proceeds of some of its chicken sales to fight breast cancer. The for-a-cause poultry even comes in a fancy pink bucket. And yes, this is weird on a few levels, not the least of which is that obesity is linked to an increased risk for breast cancer, & eating a bunch of fried chicken is invariably linked to becoming obese. BUT I DIGRESS. Well, only sort of.

KFC is donating 50 cents from every pink bucket of chicken to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, & the plan, however philanthropic, has more than a few critics. But my faaaaavorite favorite story is this one from, discovered by my friend Lindsey, not for the story itself but for the most incredible typo of all time.

Sadly, the original copy has since been corrected (way to go, dutiful-if-delayed editors) - but fear not, as I was smart enough to take a screenshot of the first edition. Read carefully, & read it all the way through.

I laughed for about three minutes. No joke. Alone at my desk. And then I sent it to everyone in my office. And then I blogged about it so that you could enjoy it, too - just be sure to keep your kids safe!
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