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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I tried to respond to many/most of you individually, but thank you SO MUCH to everyone for your kind words & insight on yesterday's post. I've got something brewing that will bring my dad's story back to the forefront of my blog soon, but for now, it's back to your regularly scheduled absurdity!

It looked like this outside today:

And it's this girl's 25th birthday:

Which means I went to lunch on a patio (MY FAVORITE) with these girls:

(That's me, Wearing Mascara, Livit Luvit, and DC PrincessQ, in case you're not hip to our blogger faces yet. Except that it's likely that you know me, which means you should be hip to mine. And if nothing else, my face is on here a lot. Learn it.)

Anyway, it was a great midday escape (like I needed one after having three days off?), & I was relieved to find something non-leavened that I could eat. Ironically, I opted for crab cakes which, though unbreaded, are the anti-kosher... so I don't know that I'm really getting this Judaism thing right...

ANYWAY. Lunch was delightful, but the best part of my day was actually this:

Two women, three scrunchies. Maybe you can't tell, but that chick on the right is actually wearing two wound together, in different colors, which makes for a perfect little retro trifecta. IT'S LIKE 1991 IS CALLING TO ME FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE BY GIVING ME THIS INCREDIBLE GIFT. Yeah, that's all in caps because this sighting was such a gem.

I have a lot of questions. Like why are they both dressed up like decades past? Did they get their hair accessories from the same package, or are their personalities so in sync that they each purchased them individually & when they hung out today they were like, "Oh, snap, I'm wearing mine, too!"? Do these women live together? Or was the single-scrunchie-wearer just sweaty while they were walking around town & her double-scrunchie-wearing friend offered to help her out by providing her with a hair band? Are the other people at their table embarrassed? Does anyone have as many questions as I do about things as mundane as neon scrunchies? Is there anything mundane about neon scrunchies?

I know DC gets a bad fashion rap, but I like to think that DC isn't this badly accessorized & that these women are instead tourists from somewhere gross like the Midwest South. But that's a (verylongandcranky) post for another day...
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