All You Need Is Love

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A recap of the last few days, in list form:

  • Overcrowded Metro rides with sardine-like, barely-enough-room-to-breathe conditions on trains that only arrive every 15 minutes or so, resulting in little girls almost nosebleeding on my back & my standing in too-close proximity to PDA-heavy couples
  • A night at the bar that ends in the bartenders giving my debit card to someone who wasn't me, requiring me to contest the $30 charge, cancel my card, & wait 5-7 business days (read: like two weeks) for a new one
  • Learning that close friends will soon be moving out of D.C., even if it's for really good reasons like getting into a top-ranked law school
  • Having to work on a Sunday (although to be fair, I didn't have to come in until much later than many of my colleagues)
  • Missing Phoenix at the DAR tomorrow because A) I forgot to buy tickets when they were on sale & B) I'm now too poor to buy scalped tickets now that they're not on sale.
  • Discovering that Netflix now offers all episodes of "Bones" on Watch Instantly feature, allowing me to follow along with quirky homicide cases & occasionally ogle guest star Brendan Fehr all from the comfort of my own laptop
  • A hilarious voicemail from RBC interrupted by an encounter with "a fleet of cockroaches" on the mean streets of NYC. As soon as she regains her composure, she shouts, "THAT'S A SPIDER!" & makes some scared-sounding noises before asking to call me back later. If I could figure out how to upload it here, I would, because it's divine.
  • When movies that seem like they'll be ridiculous turn out to be pretty darn funny (see also: "Hot Tub Time Machine") (see also: me laughing sort of hysterically)
  • My first visit from an Ohio friend in nearly a year & a half! Adam made it to the District this Friday for catching up, cosuming Yuengling, & partaking in his first falafel-eating experience, courtesy of my D.C. friends, Amsterdam Falafelshop, & French fries dipped in peanut sauce.
  • Watching my friends get accepted into the grad/law schools of their choice & accept new jobs they can't wait to start. Seeing the people I love most succeed & grow inspires me to be better & work harder.
  • Despite having to work on a Sunday, indulging in the following things: wearing my favorite dress, chatting with friendly members of my organization's board, & eating chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Anticipating an upcoming weekend (I know it's a long way away, shutyourfacethanks) of sleeping in, rejuvenating & reflecting

Disclaimer: This post was totally weaksauce, I know. Forgive me. I'll be back in the swing of it soon. Maybe.
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