Snow My Gosh! I'm a Homebody.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

This is the most boring blog post I've ever compiled. I didn't leave my house today, & it stands to reason that I didn't do a single thing that would be of interest to you, my dear (though nowadays sparse) readership. Still, I've had at least a dozen out-of-town friends & relatives ask how I'm surviving the Great DC Blizzard of 2009 (otherwise known as #snowpocalypse, the worst word Twitter ever helped make famous), so I figured the very least I could do was to provide a photo montage of this beautiful snow day. (PS: At last check, fellow DC blogger Spleeness measured a whopping 16 inches of the fluffy stuff. Even the Ohioan in me is impressed!)

Without further adieu, my day went as follows.

I woke up (circa noon & on my living room couch) to this:

I didn't take (too much) shame in donning my most abhorred fashion trend, leggings as pants, for the majority of the day. Forgive my general bodily lumpiness, but this was the most comfortable decision I've ever made - though, rest assured, it's still not one I'll be carrying out in public:

I took it upon myself to create a delicious one-woman brunch of pre-mixed Bisquick pancakes, super-crispy bacon, Ore Ida square hash browns & super-weird-tasting pear yogurt, complete with syrup in a cute ramekin:

My roommate slaughtered me at Scrabble using words like "flux" on a Triple Word Score square when I was pulled crap like "zoot," which might not be a real word to anyone but the Brian Setzer Orchestra. Final score was indeterminable, as we quit before the game was actually over.

I whipped up two-dozen-plus cookies to take to the DC JCC on Monday as part of their holiday collection for... um... someone needier than me. I definitely don't need baked goods. For reinforcement, see leggings-as-pants photo. Anyway, sugar cookies! I can be domestic! Exclamation points!

Actvities that didn't make the photography cut including watching episodes of at least four different TV shows, washing three loads of laundry, and Swiffering the apartment a little. In all? A surprisingly productive day! And to top it off, my mom texted me a video of my neighbors caroling at their annual Christmas party this evening.

Still, a final note of consternation: Why do West Coasters insist upon thinking the rest of the country would prefer to be in their neck of the woods for the holidays? Your bragging of 75-degree weather doesn't tempt me in the least - Christmas cacti do not sound appealing & December isn't meant to be celebrated in flip flops. Give me snow any day, suckers, & quit it with your West Coast smugness.

And on a less cranky note - Happy Snow Day, DC! How did you celebrate?


  1. We ended up with around 2-3 feet of snow in Cville, so we did some sledding/snowboarding/public drinking on the streets.

  2. How did you get the cookies to be so round? They look absolutely fabulous.

    Leggings rock! And you do look great even if you don't think so. We need to bring leggings back, lol!

    At least you got some cleaning done. Somehow that escaped me.

  3. Looks like you had a great snow day. I've actually been stuck in Boston because of that snow haha- I was supposed to fly home yesterday :( Ooh and for some reason, I love that pear yogurt. It reminds me of this apple yogurt I used to eat in Israel...

  4. That sounds like a great snow day. I ended up going out with Maxie in Chinatown last night.

  5. I stooled up at Matchbox for four hours.


  6. When I first got here, a friend at work said "Dave, you're from California, right?" "No." (pause) "I thought you said that you were from the west coast?" "I am." (longer, more awkward pause) I followed up with "and the other states on the west coast are?"

    You'll be pleased to know that many of us northwesterners don't have any fanciful notions about our winter weather; it's pretty much the same as our other 8 months of gray drizzle.

    We have plenty of better things to be smug about.


  7. Thanks for the cookies! I look forward to adding them to the other dessert/cookie donations. All cookies will go to local homeless shelters in the area for Christmas parties we'll throw.

    If you're free for a few hours on the 25th you should register to join us.


  8. This is why I live in the Midwest. For days like that. Snowed in feels so cozy to me. And then I get it in my head that I *must* beat the weather and go out in it dressed like I'm going to the North Pole and when I'm done, I retreat back inside for hot chocolate and slippers. It's lovely. Glad you had fun!

  9. Pretty sure that sounds like the best day ever.

  10. I actually think you look good with leggings as pants.

    I on the other had would not.


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