Things I Like More Than Being Sick

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Last week I had the flu, presumably swine. This week, I have been diagnosed with acute bronchitis, a resulting after-effect of my fluishness. I've gone into the office a few times since last Tuesday, each an aborted attempt to complete a full work day, & while I've been relatively effective in working from home, I've also been driven to compile the following list of "A Billion(ish) Things I Like More Than Being Sick."
  1. Westlife's "Home"
  2. Watching episodes of "Criminal Minds" on
  3. My mom's dog
  4. Falling asleep to the sound of the rain
  5. Obama signing the hate crimes bill into law today!
  6. Yuengling
  7. The Cleveland Cavaliers, even when they lose
  8. Puffs infused with Vicks
  9. The Twitter 2 app for iPhone
  10. Having DVR
  11. My crazy fake hipster glasses
  12. Anticipating the next "Twilight" movie
  13. Men in suits
  14. Nivea Essential Lip Care
  15. Breakfast for dinner at Open City
  16. Thanksgiving with my family
  17. Hand-me-down pajama pants
  18. Painting pottery at All Fired Up
  19. Punny Halloween costumes
  20. Phone calls with family members that lead to fun gossip about other family members
  21. Champagne
  22. The Sookie Stackhouse novels
  23. Netflix
  24. My Ann Taylor Loft black boots
  25. Ohio
  26. Reading my old writing
  27. Grey t-shirts
  28. Bravo's amazing marketing acumen
  29. Salami salad from Sweetgreen
  30. Taking the bus to work
  31. Autumn leaves
  32. Grande skim pumpkin chai lattes from Starbucks
  33. PostSecret
  34. Epic emails between long-distance friends
  35. The beautiful Matthew Gray Gubler
  36. Vending machine junk food
  37. The first snow of the year
  38. Waterbeds
  39. Sleeping with two comforters
  40. Emails from my former foreign exchange students
  41. All Christian Bale movies
  42. Staying in hotels
  43. Creating ringtones
  44. Reading old letters from my ex-boyfriend
  45. Creamy soup, especially with corn &/or potatoes
  46. Target flats
  47. "(500) Days of Summer"
  48. Outlet malls
  49. Reading friends' blogs
  50. The comfort of my LA class
  51. My uncles' hunting cabin in Pennsylvania
  52. Clean towels
  53. My absurd purple GAP slippers
  54. Glass elevators
  55. The smell of my new shampoo, Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly
  56. Kraft mac & cheese in cartoon shapes
  57. Browsing jewelry on Etsy
  58. Comfort food from Rockne's
  59. Proofreading
  60. Brunch with friend
  61. State fairs & carnivals
  62. PG Tips hot tea with honey
  63. My living room couch
  64. Road trips
  65. Being in weddings
  66. Skinny dark jeans
  67. Writing Yelp reviews
  68. Clear, starry nights
  69. Zooey Deschanel
  70. The suburbs
  71. Going to the movies alone
  72. Cheap draft beer, especially served in the Midwest
  73. Scarves
  74. Adding to my bookshelf
  75. Gchatting
  76. House parties
  77. Velvet Elvis cupcakes from Hello, Cupcake
  78. My bangs
  79. Argyle
  80. Making other people laugh
  81. Spicy fried rice from Paragon Thai
  82. Walking home from work on nice days
  83. Being asked for directions in the District
  84. Leather interiors
  85. Daffodils
  86. Statement necklaces
  87. Sleeping in
  88. Funny things my grandmother says
  89. The Disney Channel
  90. Approval from the bosses
Come to think of it, I guess an appropriate thing to put on a list of things I like more than being sick would be "everything." But no worries, this should be my last sick post. I'm on antibiotics & am nearly done being a weakling. I think.


  1. So sorry to hear you were attacked by swine flu. Isn't the vomiting the WORST PART? Regular flu-like symptoms are unfortunate but tolerable, but the 104.5 fever and vomiting for three weeks straight really did me in. My digestive tract is STILL not back to normal yet.

    Hope you are feeling better soon, even though it will probably be quite a while before you are back to 100%!!

  2. I hope you have a speedy recovery!!!

    I wish I liked coffee. I love the smell of it. I'm weird, I know.

    Also can't wait until New Moon comes out on DVD since I haven't seen it in the theaters.

  3. I just ate at Paragon Thai for the first time Tuesday evening -- a coworker insisted on introducing me to Thai (really, I think he just wanted an excuse to eat Thai food). It was really good, can't remember what I had though, but I like that they serve beer.

  4. I would kill for some Thai food right now... for breakfast! This whole being sick for 2 weeks thing has got to stop.

  5. I love your bangs too.

    Also, Puffs with Vicks! Holy shit. Consider my life changed.

  6. I would like a house party. But not with scores of people. Dozens would be fine. Crowded bars don't offer floor-seating or free refills.

  7. This is a wonderful list of things. It made me smile. I hope you get better soon!

  8. i loved your list and i'm pretty sure i about 90% of them would be on my own personal list :)

    feel better soon!

  9. Studies have shown that staying home from work for whatever time will make you more productive than trying to go to work everyday and suffering through it.

  10. I really, really, really hope you get back to 100%. Sucks so much to be sick.

    Good list! Especially the mac n'cheese. That's just all around goodness.

  11. What about Christian Bale in American Psycho? That ruined it for me!

    I'm so glad you're finally better (saw your post on Twitter). May you not get sick again for the rest of the year!


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