This Little Piggy Gave Me a Sandwich!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fine, the woman standing next to the pig gave it to me. "Vegetarian sandwich?" she asked. And even though I'd just finished telling my friend Isaac how much I dislike PETA & its guerilla vegetarianism tactics, I smiled & took the sandwich anyway, like a sucker.

It was made of white bread, lettuce & some sort of slimy, light brown lunch meat that resembled already-ingested Arby's roast beef. "What kind of meat do you think this is?" I wondered aloud, inspecting the meal with disdain.

"It's not," Isaac answered. "It's a vegetarian sandwich."

(Just because I live in a city full of smart folks doesn't mean I always make the intellectual cut.)


  1. But the big question... did you eat the mystery meat substitute?

  2. yes,,,,,,,,,,,inquiry minds want to know.

  3. since it was a pig that gave it to you, it was probably "ham". most of that fake soy lunch meat is not good...the bologna is not quite so bad.

  4. My question is- would you eat a sandwhich that was just handed to you?


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