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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I find it pretty ironic that a Metro bus driver punched McGruff the Crime Dog in the face. You know McGruff, the friendly canine mascot who encourages kids to "take a bite out of crime" (a.k.a. snitch)? Yeah, he was the victim of a crime. And don't get me wrong, I also think it's horrific (& am damn glad the driver accused of it has been given the sack) but still... irony, anyone? Anyone?


Oh, and the level-headed folks over at MSNBC clearly went a little berserk with their headline, "McGruff Survives a Beat-Down," as though the oversized dog was gang-shanked in Rock Creek Parkway or something.

Also, when I clicked on the MSNBC piece, I was provided the link to the next most popular piece of local area news, "Woman Injured in Power Tool Sex Toy Encounter." Seriously, do not click through. My nether regions ache are angry with me just for reading it.

Listen, I love this city, but I never claimed that it was freako-free.


  1. LOL My oh my, and I thought Milwaukee's bus drivers were bad!

  2. Well of course I clicked through. Now what do I do? Jebus. I'm just gonna try to laugh it off by thinking of that phrase you dropped quietly like it wasn't amazing: "gang-shanked."

  3. Oh. My. God. I read that whole article with my mouth agape. I never want to have sex again.


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