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Monday, December 8, 2008

Did I forget to mention that I purchased a much-coveted iPhone last week? My friend Sean came along to help me brave through my technological terror at the AT&T store about a block from our office... & I emerged victorious with aforementioned piece of Apple awesomeness.

It's taking me awhile to get used to, but I'm loving it. I am, however, trying VERY hard not to become an Apple asshole, one of those people who's like, "Oh, you want to know some random piece of information? Lucky for you, I have an iPhone! Lemme look that up for you!"

I've heard mutliple people say that D.C. is a BlackBerry town, not an iPhone town. Districters, what do you think? Which do you have? And most importantly, how do you keep from being a pretentious data-phone jerk? And are you jealous of my iPhone yet?



  1. I own an iPhone. I LOOOOOVE it. Blackberrys and iPhones seem to have slightly different purposes from what I can see. iPhones seem more web savvy. Better browsers and all that. Blackberrys are great for email and texting. Both are pretty awesome when you think about it.

    But am I an iPhone girl.

  2. iPhone users in the District are Blackberry users in denial. No matter how many iPhone show up in DC, there is just no way to remove the uncool of seersucker suits and wool overcoats.

    Except you. You get a pass because you are a nervous vomiter. Which is just funny (except for you and the person you may puke on, and well the people around the vomit. And, ummm, ok, nervous vomiting is not that funny).

    So, I will give you a pass because as an Apple asshole I can do such things. (and still look cool)

  3. glad you got it, but don't bury your head in it! there's a beautiful, big world out there and -- contrary to popular belief -- there's more to life than data!

  4. Please, please become an apple ass hole for me. I have a lowly basic phone and dream of being able be an iPhone snob one day. You are a very luck girl :)

  5. Adam and I are both jealous! I can't wait to see it... you're coming home for a few days, right? I miss you!!

  6. The only reason people are sticking with their BlackBerry's is the archaic IT manager at their work. Everyone I know, who used to be a BlackBerry fanatic, is now an iPhone user, and loving it.

    It's hard to be pretentious these days, seeing that everyone has an iPhone. It's lost the wow factor, sadly. When I got mine in 2007, people used to stop me and talk about it. No more.

    All that said, I am working on a very cool iPhone app :) It's going to be on the App Store soon!

  7. I have a BB, only because work foists it on me. I, of course, use it much more often to check my gmail.

  8. I'm an anti-conformist, conformist so, I stick with the Blackberry.


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