When Karma's Anything but a Bitch

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Never underestimate the kindness of absolute strangers in the big city.

Yesterday evening, I left my wallet on an L2 bus on my way home from Adam's Morgan -- my wallet containing two debit cards, two credit cards, my driver's license, my student ID, my SmartTrip card & the key to my office. I spent the next 20 hours or so figuring out the mess -- waiting for the final bus to arrive in the station for a report on whether the wallet was turned it, borrowing $40 from a kindly friend, waking up at the crack of dawn (as though I slept) to check with WMATA lost & found, filing a police report, canceling credit cards, checking with TSA to figure out how to fly home to Ohio sans ID...

And around 6:30 today, a coworker called to tell me that an employee of a nearby Days Inn had found my wallet & was holding it for me. I trekked down to Van Ness to pick it up from Jose, the maintenance man who now has the best karma ever, to retrieve my belongings. And amazingly, everything was returned to me in tact -- including the $80 in cash that I thought I'd lost.

I spent all of last night crying about my lost stuff & my own idiocy, & I spent a couple minutes crying today out of sheer amazement & good luck. I absolutely cannot believe that in a city of this size & this demeanor, I got everything back. I don't speak often of my faith or my feelings on God, but on days like today, I'm just bowled over by the way the world works & the blessings I'm given.

I'm going to buy Jose a gift card, I think, to thank him. I was too stunned at the time to think it through, but I really want to make clear to him how appreciative I am of his rare kindness. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. How amazing. It's nice to know there are still decent and kind people out there.

  2. Agreed, Kate...here's to the Good Samaritans of the world. And here's to you for recognizing them. I witnessed some of that myself while living in Chicago, and I think I forgot to acknowledge the presence of kindness without expecting anything in return. So thank you for reminding me!

    How about just like a Visa giftcard or something? I think that would be a great Hanukkah gift for Jose. Cheers.

  3. Wow, that's an awesome story! I'm glad you found everything, that would be so scary. Pics should be up sometime soon, I'll post a link as soon as Cassie's finished. Love you!

  4. That is awesome, Kate. I cover the police beat and I read about this stuff all the time, and it's rare that someone gets their stuff back.

    I got together for lunch with a few of our old reporters last weekend - I wish you could have been there! I miss you and would love to hang out next time you're in town for a visit!

  5. Wow. That gave me chills. We all know how rude people are in this city.

  6. You are being featured on Five Star Friday!

  7. Thanks for sharing a GOOD story. I love to read about things that don't make me want to de-evolve and live a simpler life.

    RE: Jose's gift... if you haven't already thought of something, maybe WMATA money? A Smarttrip with however much you want to give? I mean, public transpo did bring you together.

  8. I agree -- WMATA money or just money period, but definitely something! Love this post -- and you! jgb

  9. Wow- that's fabulous! I thought I lost my keys...but they were just in my friends bag. You win!


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