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Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's not every day your boss gives the invocation at the Democratic National Convention.

And on a more personal, political note... I know I usually tend toward humor on this blog, but tonight I've got a very serious bout of inspiration. After watching the DNC with friends & strangers alike tonight, all young adults living in D.C. fighting for social justice, I was struck by just how massive this election year is.

As unlucky as it feels to be living at a near-poverty wage, to be paying off student loans that will haunt me for the next decade, to sometimes go without & do without, I feel thankful to be living through this -- to be living in a city that means everything & working for change in an era when change may truly be possible. Obama said tonight, "Eight is enough," & he was correct; eight years of a disastrous Republican presidency has been more than enough for all of us. We have found our breaking point, but instead of breaking, we have come together to forge a bond so strong that we will finally fight for the change we so desperately want, need & deserve -- and we will elect Barack Obama president.

What this city needs is an overhaul, & what this country needs may be nothing short of a miracle. While the writer in me is enamored of all the pretty words that come out of presidential politicking, I have enough sense to step back & ask myself: When push comes to proverbial shove, are they just political poetry, as the critics claim? Or can these two eloquent, verbose Democrats really keep their word by bringing us afloat, reviving us, breathing life into an embarrassed, bruised America? Time & again, my answer is the same. Pretty words or not, I believe in Barack Obama & Joe Biden. And yes -- they can.

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  1. I love your post! I just blogged about the DNC, too (and got in a rant about Sarah Pallin as well). Also, your centipede saga! i commiserate! I had spiders up the wazoo before I left DC. Stay strong, and buy bug spray!



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