Week of the Wild

Saturday, June 14, 2008

For your viewing pleasure, a sampling of some of the exciting visions I witnessed last week. For starters, this lovely purple & yellow striped outfit strutting down Connecticut Avenue. Please be aware that although the blurry photograph doesn't properly address the outfit's details, the yellow striped include small, abstract, purple fish. How very... Nubian?

This license plate is clearly self-explanatory. Your pap smear is just a back seat away.

Aaron says I ought to feel like a bad person for taking this picture of a man wearing a floral print dress & carrying a plastic baby doll. Frankly, I did feel bad, because it was clear that the guy had some mental issues happening. That said, how could I possibly pass up a guy in a floral print dress carrying a plastic baby doll? For all you folks from my hometown, you'll understand when I say that this guy was the D.C. equivalent of a Bruce.

Annnnnd my favorite. VESPA TOURS. In case being a tourist doesn't already strip you of your dignity, throw yourself in front of the embarrassment bus by joining this party.

Correction: SEGWAY TOURS. Thanks, Daniel. I tend to get my modes of lame transportation confused.

1 comment:

  1. Segway tours?
    Vespa's have at least a modicum of coolness. Segway's don't.


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