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Monday, June 9, 2008

Who knew Cleveland Hopkins Airport was such a hubbub of celebrity activity? As I awaited my flight to Baltimore yesterday evening, a girl sitting necxt to me leaned over: "Do you watch American Idol?" she asked. Upon my pseudo-affirmative answer (don't judge), she asked, "OK, is that Scott Savol?" And it was! Waiting in line to iron out announced difficulties with his flight to Nashville was the Cleveland-dwelling former Idol in the flesh -- much less flesh than he had on the show, I might add.

The Idol-spotter & I parted ways, but 20 minute slater she returned to me: "Scott Hamilton is over there!" she told me excitedly, & dragged me across the concourse to check out the figure-skating legend playing with his wife & son. I watched/listened in entertainment as a nearly 400-pound guy in a had his picture taken with The Ham, babbling on & on about how much respect he has for him.

In line to board, I saw the third celeb: fellow former American Idol & vocal powerhouse Melinda Doolittle, looking patently normal, extremely friendly & surprisingly gorgeous. She caught me staring a few times & was nice enough to just smile & wave while I berated myself for creeping.

And finally, boarding just slightly ahead of me, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, D-OH, a former Presidential hopeful who needs no introduction. I sat behind him on the plane & very nearly whacked him in the head with my carry-on luggage while pulling it down from the overheard compartment. He was a fabulously nice guy, asking me where I went to school, where I was working, how I liked D.C., whether I missed the OH. For all his craziness, he sure was jovial.
Want a good laugh? Try texting 15 of your closest friends that you're sitting behind Dennis Kucinich on a plane. Responses included:
  • "Talk to him! It'll be the funniest pol convo ever!"
  • "Make sure to smack him for me. He's crazy."
  • "I saw him make out with his wife. remember that story?"
  • "You should sleep with him! Say hi for me."
  • "Tell him nice job on the hot wife. Bummer about everything else."
  • "Pull his hair. See if it's a toupe.

And my favorite, from Ethan: "Ask him to take you to his leader."


  1. This is your best blog entry ever, huny. Good job on the airport celebs. I saw Augusten Burroughs over the weekend — does that count? (Granted ... he was speaking ... and I was there for that ... so it's probably not quite as cool ...)

  2. Not cool. I worked for Dennis in 2003. Say what you want about his looks/determination, he's been dead on regarding the issues.


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