Dining Out in the District (The Please-Forgive-Me Post)

Monday, March 17, 2008

If I give you a lot of pictures, will you try to ignore the fact that I haven't posted in 18 days??? It won't happen again - promise!


You've heard of bread bowls? Kanlaya Thai in Chinatown takes it to the next level. Jonah ordered "chicken pineapple," which came in... half a pineapple. The waiter informed us that this dish is "very popular," which makes me wonder how many pineapples Kanlaya goes through per day. Weird.

I always knew The Big Hunt in Dupont was a classy joint -- this is the same restaurant where the waitress won't bring you your rail drink if you call it by its "fancy name" -- but the graffiti in the upstairs bathroom takes the cake as far as class goes.

Things you expect to find in the women's restroom at your average bar: paper towels, beer bottles, tampon wrappers... banana peels? I spotted all of the above on a late-night at Garrett's in Georgetown. Who was getting their 4 - 5 servings in the ladies' room?! Super sanitary, I know.

Yes, I pulled a cheesy tourista move in stopping on a crowded sidewalk to be the girl who takes a photo of the sign outside Big Wong in Chinatown. Come on, who let this happen? Really?

For the life of me I can't remember where I took this -- but this is the sort of bathroom graffiti you only see in D.C.

When the banquet folks at the Sheraton National in Arlington, VA, were coming up with centerpiece ideas, I think the discussion probably went something like this. "Yeah, let's do some extravagant floral arrangements on the buffet tables." "Um, sir, the prices are up on fresh flower these days..." "Well, shit, does anyone have a red pepper & some asparagus? Cuz that'll do the trick, too."

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