Playing Visual Chicken with an Observant Redline Scribbler

Friday, November 16, 2007

Have you ever played that game where one person holds out both hishands, & the other person holds hers right below? The person whose hands are on the bottom tries to smack the person whose hands are on top, while the top person tries to be quicker & pull his hands out before he can be smacked.

That made zero sense. Please tell me you know what I mean.

Anyway, I played the eye-contact version of that game yesterday night with a woman on the train. I noticed her as soon as I got on, mostly because she was wearing a fringed coat... & who does that? But I also noticed her because she had huge, unblinking eyes & because where most passengers listen to iPods or read books or newspapers, this woman was holding a notebook & pen.

I think she must have been just observing, writing down whatever she noticed about whoever was sitting around her. Every time I sneaked a peek, she looked away & stopped writing, her crazybig eyes freaking the heck out of me.

I wonder why she was writing.

And more interestingly... I wonder what she wrote.


  1. I love people watching. Every single person in the world has a story to tell, so long as someone who knows how to tell a story does so.

    We're in the business to tell those stories ...

    which is pretty much one of the best jobs I can imagine.


  2. it's called "hot hands", at least that's what we called it...


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