Wasting my Wallet Away

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This is me, selling my soul to the city for $295.83 (or more) a week.

8/22 --- Kramerbooks, “The Rules of Attraction” --- $14.75
8/22 --- Buffalo Billiards, one draft Yuengling --- $6.50
8/22 --- Starbucks, grande iced chai latte (with gift card) --- $1.62
8/23 --- Elephant & Castle, happy hour --- $13.00
8/23 --- Starbucks, venti iced chai latte --- $5.89
8/23 --- Starbucks, grande iced chai latte --- $5.28
8/23 --- Potbelly's, chicken salad sandwich --- $4.61
8/27 --- CVS, assorted necessities (i.e. shoe inserts) --- $43.71
8/27 --- CVS, assorted necessities, part dos (i.e. eyeliner) --- $15.77
8/27 --- ATM withdrawal --- $20.00
8/27 --- Washington D.C. Metro, SmarTrip card --- $20.00
8/27 --- The Big Hunt, two Yuenglings --- $11.50
8/27 --- Google.com, new domain name --- $10.00
8/27 --- Starbucks, grande iced Passion tea & sandwich --- $7.04
8/27 --- Starbucks, grande iced chai latte & croissant --- $6.22
8/27 --- Baja Fresh, bean burrito & churro --- $5.43
Pending --- Kramerbooks, “Glamorama” --- $15.81
Pending --- Tortilla Coast, chicken flautas & three Bud Lites --- $18.00
Pending --- Washington D.C. Metro, SmarTrip addition --- $60.05
Pending --- Starbucks, grande blueberry frap & croissant --- $6.60
Pending --- McDonald’s, egg McMuffin --- $4.05

HOLY SHEIST. This ain't gon' last long, folks.


  1. $4.05 for an egg mcmuffin? seriously? sheesh. my occasional croissanwich at a cincinnati burger king runs me $1.60.

  2. Holy God. You could be a little spokesmodel for Starbucks, couldn't you? Three visits in one day?? If I might recommend the iced coffees at McDonalds? I like my coffee to taste nothing like coffee, and I hate things that are too sweet. Their Hazelnute iced deals are really yummy.

  3. Jaclyn: Dude, this was noooooot all in the same day. Haha. That's outrageous. I can only eat three meals (& oneish cups of coffee) per day, I swear.My bank just posts all transactions on one day, for reasons unknown.

  4. You can save a ton on books by bying used at a used book store or, if you don't mind waiting a bit, through amazon. You could have had Glamorama for about $6.50 on amazon. Unless it's something new or I need to have it right away, I'm always getting used books. I mean, what's the difference between a new book and a used book?

  5. I really really should do this too...but I'm scared to admit what I spend in a week on frivolous things.

  6. I should probably run a monthly list of purchases -- it would be a reality check -- which is why I prefer ignorance for now.

    Looks like you visit Starbucks and Kramers as often as I do. You've got good taste. :)

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