Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fine, I'll Pick a Word for 2017

Picking a word for the year is the new making resolutions for the year, huh? OK, I'll play.

In December, I joined the Stratejoy Holiday Council, a project/workbook/etc. to help you assess the closing year & prepare for the new ones. Part of the work for that project is about finding your word for the year & five related words to go with it. Though I liked the Holiday Council idea, I admittedly didn't finish it - in fact, I only made it about a third of the way through - but I liked the general gist, & so I just did my own version.

And so, like everyone else in the world seems to have done, I've decided on my 2017 word: 

In 2017, I will be committed

Here's what I'm focused on, in particular.

I will commit to my creativity.  

For as much as I was published in early 2016, I stopped submitting my writing anywhere beyond my own blog once Heart's The Mix, a freelancers collective, was shut down over the summer. Pitching my writing feels so vulnerable, & it's so much work, & I just haven't done it - but in 2017, I want to push myself to do it at least a few times.

I will commit to better health. 

I try for this every year, & I always fail. I don't move enough, I don't eat well enough, I weigh too much. This year, especially as I prepare for our wedding, I want to take better care of my body, mind, & spirit, especially by cutting back on carbs & sweet & by joining the gym down the street. I'm also committed to my mental health - in particular, to not letting wedding planing overwhelm me or get me down.

I will commit to my friendships.   

So many of my friends live so far away, so while I can't always visit them, but I can call them more often than I text. I've been so phone-averse that I haven't caught up with some of my favorite people in ages! In 2017, I want to be better at keeping in touch in as many ways as possible, to telling people when I'm thinking of them & to find out what's going on in their lives.

I will commit to financial security.

I'm not doing badly on this front, but I could certainly be doing better. In 2017, I will rethink impulse purchases, continue to save using Digit, pay off my credit card bill, save more from my bimonthly paychecks, & plan a wedding that is within our budget & doesn't set us back financially. I'mmaking progress on all these fronts & would like to keep it up this year. 

I will commit to love.  

In November, I will legally commit myself to Mike & in doing so, I will formalize my commitment to a lifetime of love, no matter how much work it takes. I am under no illusions that marriage will always be easy, but I am committed to working together to create a happy, loving, & lasting life together. I never thought I'd be the sort of person to feel this way, but I truly can't wait to say "I do" this fall.

Did you pick a word or a phrase for 2017? Did you make any resolutions? How's it going? Is this year better than 2016 yet? Happy new year, friends!
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