Thursday, December 10, 2009

Like Taking Candy Pie from Strangers

The caption at the Woodley Parks McDonald's reads "Apple Pie, $1 each or 2 for $1.00," so obviously I was enticed. A pie so nice you're charging me twice if I only want one?! But next to the apple pie sign was a little picture of a little blob with sprinkles - clearly not apple - and a caption that said "Holiday pie!"

Consider my interest officially piqued.

I asked the guy working what flavor holiday pie is. His answer? "I don't really know..." He confirmed only that it was tasty & that a customer told him it tasted like birthday cake. When asked to approximate its ingredients, he laughingly refused, despite my persistence. He did, however, offer me a free pie if I'd provide him with an apt description to give other inquiring potential-pie-buyers. I happily accepted the free sprinkly blob & bit into it with only moderate hesitation, es evidenced below:

I'm a pretty good sharer, so the roommate tried it, too:

The verdict? The "birthday cake" describer came pretty close. It's vanilla custard, I think, or some sort of lumpy imitation Bavarian cream. Inside a warm cookie. And in fact, it tastes a lot like a doughnut, though McDonald's insists upon marketing it as a pie, thus doing a disservice to Thanksgivings everywhere by tricking cheap fast food lovers into eating incorrectly labeled pastries. Also, it comes in a small rectangular box, so color me confused - that's not pie shape! Still, it was pretty delish, I saved $1 & got a free dessert for my descriptive skills! Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?
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