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Hi, I'm Kate. This blog used to be called Suburban Sweetheart, but now it's not. Here's why, & here's how I chose the new name, in case you're insatiably interested. I've been writing here since 2007, so if you have a lot of time on your hands, I've got, like, 900 posts for ya.

If you're not sure where to begin, try any of these:
  1. 50 Things I've Done
  2. Testing the Strong Ones
  3. You Can Do It, Put Your Back (Brace) Into It 
  4.  You Can Always Go Home Again: My LeBron Moment
  5. Odd Girl Out: On Being Weird & Sad in College
  6. Home Sweet Coffeeshops: On the Weird & Wonderful World of Becoming a Regular
  7. Under the Weight of Living 
  8.  Sorry I'm Not Sorry: A List of Things I've Apologized for This Week 
  9. Where I'm From: A Tribute to the Buckeye State
  10. Near-Life Experience
Who am I? I have an expressive face, a loud voice, & a lot of strong opinions. I prefer ampersands to "and," beer to wine, flats to heels, & the Midwest to just about anywhere.

I'm a thirtysomething Ohioan, born & raised, but I've lived in nine places in 10 years. I'm currently - finally! - living in Cleveland, OH, which really does rock. I live in the Tremont neighborhood with my fiancé, Mike, our cat, Helo, & an ivy-covered back deck that brings me deep happiness. Before this, I spent four nonconsecutive years in Washington, D.C.; in between, I lived in Red Bank, N.J., where most people didn't actually sound like Snooki, & Portsmouth, N.H., where most people did actually sound like characters from The Departed.

I have a degree in magazine journalism & a background in public policy, communications, & social media. Currently working as a community manager for a large non-profit, I'm also a sometimes-freelancer & hopeful future author. I occasionally write for the Washington Post's Soloish, xoJane, and Medium, & one of my essays was published in an anthology of Jewish millennials.

Wanna chat? Here's how you can reach me.

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