Thursday, December 15, 2016

I Have a Lot of Unpopular Opinions. Here are 30 of Them.

Maybe you've seen the Facebook meme going around, the one asking people to comment with their "unpopular (non-political) opinions"? I'm not usually one for memes, but I loved reading the responses my friends posted (131 of them!) when I asked this question on my own Facebook wall.

I found it so interesting, in fact, that I decided to write out as many of my own supposed unpopular opinions as I could think of. The result is the list below, which is, uh, kind of long. In my defense, I don't think I'm a disagreeable person, just a little... particular, perhaps.

So. Give it a read-through, & then tell me: What are your "unpopular opinions"?
  1. I don't like meat on bones, ketchup, mustard, cooked carrots, steak, or any kind of eggs.
  2. I do not enjoy the ocean - being at it or in it.
  3. I don't think Parks and Rec, The Office, or Broad City are funny.
  4. I love winter. Yes, including snow. And I reaaaally don't enjoy summer.
  5. Wedding planning is not particularly fun.
  6. I used to own a Mac laptop, & I didn't like using it at all. I couldn't wait to go back to a Dell.
  7. I'm not super interested in Star Wars or Lord of the Rings.
  8. When I wear nail polish, I feel like my hands are suffocating. 
  9. I don't know if I ever want to own a house. 
  10. I don't think engagement rings are a worthwhile investment. If I hadn't already owned an heirloom engagement ring, I would've just asked Mike to buy something inexpensive off Etsy.
  11. I don't like being barefoot, & I wear socks to sleep. 
  12. I don't have any particular fondness for chocolate or for most other sweets.
  13. I may want children (not sure yet), but I have no real desire to ever be pregnant. 
  14. Having hardwood floors is awful; I really want carpet.
  15. I think '90s music is the best music & country music is the worst music.
  16. I prefer thin, cheap toilet paper. I think the thick, cushiony stuff is both weird & wasteful.
  17. Going into a Sephora overwhelming & stressful.
  18. Super-popular cities Chicago and Los Angeles hold absolutely zero appeal to me.
  19. I can't make it through nonfiction books that aren't memoirs.
  20. For the most part, I am not interested in wearing colors or patterns.
  21. I do not enjoy cooking. Like, at all. 
  22. I couldn't get into The West Wing, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, or Mad Men.
  23. Having a real Christmas tree is a pain in the ass. 
  24. I don't mind being super pale, & I have no interest in tanning.
  25. American cheese slices are delicious.
  26. Having a dog is not worth the effort it takes. And cats are better, anyway.
  27. Grey's Anatomy is still a good TV show.
  28. I usually prefer cheap beer to craft beer, & I can't stand the taste of hops.
  29. Velvet looks & feels absolutely disgusting. It is not luxurious.
  30. Global catastrophes aside, 2016 was a really lovely year for me.
Your turn! 


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