Friday, March 22, 2013

Brooklyn: I Spent a Month There One Night

I like sleeping a lot, so weekends are sort of a struggle for me in that I really want to spend them in bed but recognize that I should be, like, more of a person. A person who does stuff. Last weekend, Nathan & I did stuff, & it turned out to be so much better than napping. We spent the night at a surprisingly uncrappy hotel in Bushwick, sharing a room with his brother & soon-to-be sister-in-law, who were in town for the night from Philly. We ate some mediocre Thai food & went to a Doctor Who bar with a TARDIS bathroom & tried Lay's weird new chicken-&-waffle-flavored chips (verdict: I wish they were just waffle-flavored).

After they left early the next morning, Nathan & I wandered Brooklyn, making our way to an eerily empty Williamsburg on a lightly snowy Saturday. As we killed time before an afternoon showing of Silver Linings Playbook at the amazing Nitehawk Cinema (they serve craft beer & homemade jerky, among other things, while you watch the movie), I snapped copious iPhone photos of beautiful Brooklyn while Nathan mostly rolled his eyes a lot & indulged my repeated insistence that "It's for the blog!"

Recently, I was shocked to learn that a lot of my friends have never been to New York City, which means they've certainly never been to Brooklyn, & I'm just now beginning to explore it myself. I was so taken by the crazy, beautiful urban art on every corner of Williamsburg that I wanted to share a little bit of our day with you in case you've never been there, either, & in the hope that you'll find yourself just as taken.


PS: Bonus points & all my love if you know where the title of this post comes from.
PPS: We have no plans this weekend. Please do not bother be before 11am on either day.

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