Tasteless Giveaway Winner!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

As you may recall, I recently hosted a giveaway for goodies from EdenFantasys.com. I had 34 entries - many thanks to all! Now, I present to you my first on-blog video announcing the lucky winner.

Congrats, winner! (Yeah, you have to watch it to figure out if it's you.) Forgive my extreme awkwardness & the down-the-shirt shot of my boobs. (If you didn't watch it yet, now you'll sure want to.)


  1. congrats to jill.

    and you are adorable.

  2. awww i ADORE your cute midwestern accent. reminds me of home. sigh. it has been so long since we last spoke i forgot you had one. even if it's teensy.

    2. I'm moving to my parents' house in 3 days. Which is more awkward: ordering a sex toy to your parents' house or to work?
    3. You are seriously adorable in this vlog.

  4. i am so proud of you and your blog! i have SO MANY comments to post but really should be working. alas, i DO NOT think this give away is tasteless and am glad you're opening lines of communication about healthy sexuality and contraceptives. that is the only true way we'll achieve reproductive justice, IMO. xo


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