Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm No Superman

This is the true story of how I became a Harry Potter villain.

A couple weeks ago, I purchased a hefty Groupon for Send the Trend, "Project Runway" winner Christian Siriano's online boutique for "personalized fashion accessories." Basically, you fill out a quiz about your style preferences, & Send the Trend curates a gallery of accessories available for purchase that are supposed to be up your alley. Needless to say, none of the accessories Send the Trend chose for me were things I wanted to wear. But, overeager as I sometimes am, that Groupon was burning a hole in my pocket! I figured out how to search for products that weren't recommended for me, & I ended up choosing two really cool pieces...

...and a cape:

Yeah. Riddle me this: Why did I think a cape would be a good idea? Alas, I cannot say. I was excited for it, even. When it arrived this afternoon, I tore open the package with glee & discovered... a glorified Snuggie. With a toggle clasp & a hood & no armholes. I mean, it's just as advertised - a legitimate, bona fide, superhero-style cape - but because I'm not a lovely, leggy model, it doesn't exaaaactly look on me like it does in the site photo. Yes, I know: Duh.

Because I truly have have no idea how to wear a cape, I mostly did this with it:

But I think Nathan really got it right when he asked me: "So, what time are you meeting up with the other Death Eaters?"
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