Saturday, March 19, 2011

Something Fishy

I do not like fish. I don't like fish in the water, possibly swimming next to my feet, & I don't like fish in my mouth, tasting all fishy & disgusting. In no circumstances are fish & I friends.

But then I found Sake. Let's be clear, Sake is not a miracle worker - it hasn't bridged the gap between fish & me. What is has done is welcome me into the Wonderful World of Sushi (capitalized as though it's a real place) without forcing me to reconcile my relationship with the little swimmers that skeeve me so.

In short, I have Americanized my sushi experience as much as humanly possible by capitalizing on Sake's many creatively fish-free menu items, including:

  • Idaho Maki: Fried sweet potato roll

  • Tempura California Maki: A California roll (crab stick, cucumber & avocado) deep-fried in tempura batter

  • Crispy Spicy Chicken Maki: Fried chicken, avocado, cucumber and spicy mayonnaise roll

  • Volcano Maki: Baked avocado & melted cheese roll topped with spicy mayonnaise crab

  • Pizza Maki: Baked avocado, crab stick & spicy mayonnaise roll covered with melted cheese

That's right, I'm eating sushi with melted cheese on top & potatoes inside, smothered in mayo. I'm pretty sure this is not what the venerable ancient Japanese had in mind long ago, when sushi first came to be. And I'm pretty sure I should be ashamed of turning the healthiest gourmet food experience into one that is likely making my arteries cry out in pain.

I'm pretty sure I cannot, with any credibility, say, "I now like sushi!" if I still refuse to eat anything that contains raw fish. But my taste buds are happy. And I'm trying new things! And, and... well, who said small towns don't know good food?
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