Monday, August 9, 2010

Return to Sender

Just under a year ago , I lost my wallet – and the driver’s license, credit cards, & $80 in cash inside it – when I left it on the seat of a city bus. After so much crying & wigging that I had to take a personal day off work to recover (and to try to get my finances in order) I was shocked to receive a call from a Days Inn employee who said he had my wallet – & who gave it back to me with all its contents still intact. Good Samaritans, it turns out, do exist.

Since then, thankful for the good fortune the universe bestowed upon me, I’ve returned two renegade driver’s licenses and one dropped credit card through the power of and Facebook.

And apparently I’ve got the best karma – or luck – in the world. On my flight home out of Boston last Monday, I managed to misplace my license somewhere between security & boarding. How? Beats me. Where? If I knew, it wouldn’t be lost. I returned home chagrined & annoyed & quite afraid I’d also somehow misplace my passport (which, I should note, contains zero stamps, despite one very cosmopolitan business trip to Toronto).

Yesterday, I got a karmic favor. The text from my mom read, "Envelope came in the mail, I think it's your license." And indeed it was.

I guess I don't know why I'm so shocked that someone would do it - would see my license lying on the ground at Logan International Airport & think it was worth 44 cents & the cost of an envelope to get it back to me. I'd do that; I've done that, & more. But somehow, when the universe pulls through for me like this, I'm always astounded all over again that good people exist. Despite news reports that constantly depict heinous acts of abuse & terror & neglect & violence, there are tons & tons of people out there who are kind enough to put my driver's license back in the mail for me. It's a little thing. But you know what they say about the little things.

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