Sunday, April 25, 2010

Positively "Glee"ful

Myspace isn't good for very much anymore. But you know what it is good for? Helping my friend & former roommate, Gavi, land a spot on everyone's favorite musical TV hit, "Glee"!

VOTING CLOSES TOMORROW. But because you can vote as many time as you want, there's still plenty of time to improve Gavi's chances of becoming a Gleek. (A note: I hate that term. "Glee" supposedly takes place in Lima, Ohio, where my grandma lives, but if any of the show's marketers native to the Midwest, they'd know that's the word Ohioans use for "accidentally spitting on someone when you're talking.")

ANYHOW, here's what's what:
  1. Visit Gavi's audition page.
  2. Watch or don't watch the promo video of characters Puck & Santana explaining the competition. Drool over Puck's hotness. Refocus your attention & then:
  3. Sign in using your own Myspace account or the one Gavi made for this competition. Username:, password: voteforgavi (Subtle, we know.)
  4. Cast your vote(s) by clicking "Give a gold star" under Gavi's videos.
  5. Do it again.
  6. Do it again.
  7. Take a break.
  8. Repeat steps 1-6.
What say you? Will you help my friend score her big break belting show tunes on national television? And will you trust me when I promise that soon I'll stop using my blog for purely promotional purposes? I WILL, I SWEAR. Later.

(On an mean yet related note, obviously Gavi is fantastic, but some of these other auditions are amazingly terrible. I NEED TO GO TO BED, but who can sleep when there's so much hilarity to watch? ) (Watch 'em, you know you want to. I'll save a seat for you in hell.)

All You Need Is Love

A recap of the last few days, in list form:

  • Overcrowded Metro rides with sardine-like, barely-enough-room-to-breathe conditions on trains that only arrive every 15 minutes or so, resulting in little girls almost nosebleeding on my back & my standing in too-close proximity to PDA-heavy couples
  • A night at the bar that ends in the bartenders giving my debit card to someone who wasn't me, requiring me to contest the $30 charge, cancel my card, & wait 5-7 business days (read: like two weeks) for a new one
  • Learning that close friends will soon be moving out of D.C., even if it's for really good reasons like getting into a top-ranked law school
  • Having to work on a Sunday (although to be fair, I didn't have to come in until much later than many of my colleagues)
  • Missing Phoenix at the DAR tomorrow because A) I forgot to buy tickets when they were on sale & B) I'm now too poor to buy scalped tickets now that they're not on sale.
  • Discovering that Netflix now offers all episodes of "Bones" on Watch Instantly feature, allowing me to follow along with quirky homicide cases & occasionally ogle guest star Brendan Fehr all from the comfort of my own laptop
  • A hilarious voicemail from RBC interrupted by an encounter with "a fleet of cockroaches" on the mean streets of NYC. As soon as she regains her composure, she shouts, "THAT'S A SPIDER!" & makes some scared-sounding noises before asking to call me back later. If I could figure out how to upload it here, I would, because it's divine.
  • When movies that seem like they'll be ridiculous turn out to be pretty darn funny (see also: "Hot Tub Time Machine") (see also: me laughing sort of hysterically)
  • My first visit from an Ohio friend in nearly a year & a half! Adam made it to the District this Friday for catching up, cosuming Yuengling, & partaking in his first falafel-eating experience, courtesy of my D.C. friends, Amsterdam Falafelshop, & French fries dipped in peanut sauce.
  • Watching my friends get accepted into the grad/law schools of their choice & accept new jobs they can't wait to start. Seeing the people I love most succeed & grow inspires me to be better & work harder.
  • Despite having to work on a Sunday, indulging in the following things: wearing my favorite dress, chatting with friendly members of my organization's board, & eating chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Anticipating an upcoming weekend (I know it's a long way away, shutyourfacethanks) of sleeping in, rejuvenating & reflecting

Disclaimer: This post was totally weaksauce, I know. Forgive me. I'll be back in the swing of it soon. Maybe.
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