Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Waffling: The Belgians Do It Best

I took The Great DC Brunch Tour of 2009-2010 on the road last weekend when I traveled to that other city, NYC, for work. Mixing business with pleasure & playing the part of a New York vagabond, I packed a meager four outfits in a shockingly compact shoulder bag & took a train north to spend three nights in the Big Apple, where I stayed with a different friend (all former coworkers!) each night.

I should first note that if I ever conducted a Great Mac & Cheese Tour (OMGsecondbestideaI'veveerhad), I'd definitely hit up New York for the bulk of those reviews, considering I ate no fewer than - don't judge me - three different mac dishes during my visit. But let's get back on topic. The topic is waffles. Ohhhh, the waffles.

On Saturday morning, I joined the three friends I stayed with (they're all friends, too!) at the Stuyvesant Town location of Petite Abeille, a Belgian NYC chain. Rarely have I been as jazzed about a brunch menu as I was about theirs - because what better place to grab a Belgian waffle than from the Belgians themselves?! Fine, our waiter was a Syrian transplant to Brooklyn, but that's entirely beside the point.

Upon delivery to our table, I was disappointed to discover that the waffle was pretty small. Upon tasting it, however, I promptly declared it the best waffle I'd ever eaten. In my life. And let me tell you, my life has seen a lot of waffles. I would even dare go so far as to label myself a connoisseur, so, you know, this is serious stuff.

Sadly, my little waffle-ironed piece of heaven came sans side dishes, which meant that once the glory was complete, my stomach was still a'grumblin' - because even a few bites of deliciousness, if served solo, do not a full meal make. Luckily, I have a bff who is mysteriously disinterested in breakfast potatoes, so I scarfed savored hers - mashed potatoes with onions & carrots, a traditional Belgian side dish. I couldn't put syrup on them because as much as I like syrup, even I can admit that it's not a carrot-friendly condiment, but for once, that wasn't a strike in the Bad Breakfast Potatoes column.

Good Belgian God. Everything was so good. My stomach hates me just for remembering all of it, only because I can't go back, like, tomorrow.

Where's your favorite NYC restaurant? It need not be a brunch spot. But while we're on the topic, WHERE CAN I GET MORE WAFFLES?
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