Monday, January 4, 2010

I've Got Superbad Judgment...

Oh, happy day! The Blockbuster at 17th & P is going out of business (may it rest in peace), & now that it's only got six days left before its doors shut forever, all previously viewed DVDs are now on super-sale - just $2 apiece!

I almost never buy movies, so I jumped at this opportunity to increase my DVD collection tenfold, almost literally (if tenfold means "plus 10" & not "times 10" - I'm not sure which it really means...) So, of course, I went crazy snapping up cheesy flicks that I can leave on in the background while I multitask, because no matter what I'm doing or how hard I'm concentrating, I almost always leave the TV on - hazards of being an only child!

In all, I walked away with nine new movies. Judge me & my amazing taste if you must - yes, there are two Zac Efron films in the bunch, plus an amazing '90s film that features a clothed monkey - but more importantly, while you're judging, please also take note of the idiotic mistake I made... & didn't realize until my roommate pointed it out to me:

Who let me into this smart-people city?! OY.
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