Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The First & Only Time I Will Ever Blog About Jon Gosselin. Maybe.

I typically like for my blog posts to be themed - you know, to talk about something that's actually something. To tell stories. Today, however, I simply have a few bulleted points recounting things that happened today simply because I was feelin' chatty:
  • I saw this tweet...

    ...which, of course, spurred me to announce over our all-office intercom system, "Attention, staff. John Gosselin is eating lunch in Logan Circle right now. I just thought you should all know." A coworker then had the gall to call down & ask me who Jon Gosselin was because apparently no one on the second floor had a clue. I followed up with another all-office announcement: "If you don't know who John Gosselin is, you're all dead to me."

  • A guy passing me on Q Street actually LOL'd when he heard me begin a phone call with the line, "Just making sure you still love me after I posted that video on the Internet." Please keep in mind that this dude had no way of knowing that I was actually talking to my mother, so I probably sounded like I was going all reverse Joe Francis on some poor boyfriend.

  • I somehow became engaged in conversation with a middle-aged female stranger & an awkward Starbucks barista about the merits, or lack thereof, of scones & biscotti, which the woman & I both decided are pretentious but taste like stale bread. The barista was thiiiisclose to talking us both into buying some sort of iced caramel biscotti to convince us otherwise, but we stayed steadfast. This conversation lasted for at least four minutes, which is kind of a long time to be chatting it up with complete strangers. My tweet about this incident, however, appears to have riled folks up. Here's just a sampling of the pro-pastry backlash I received:
I also took a sweet pair of photos today. It's been awhile! For starters, there's this blatant spelling error at Yogiberry. This is the first thing you see when you walk into the store. And why is it the only word that's bolded? And has anyone ever noticed this but me?!

And the creepiest photo I've ever seen, on a Metro billboard for some new book that looks like a practical joke. Seriously. What is this? The Peeping Tom Santa isn't even the weirdest part. No, the weirdest part is that the happy man in the foreground is wearing some sort of half-shirt, a cardigan-style button-up, if you will. AND WHERE IS HIS RIGHT HAND?
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