Monday, October 5, 2009

The Big O Goes LGBT... With Me!

A few weeks ago, my friend Joanna invited me to attend the HRC Equality Dinner with her at a discounted rate. This half-price rate, though still pretty spendy, was too good to pass up, especially when I learned that musical guests would include Cyndi Lauper, Lady GaGa and the cast of "Glee," so I coughed up some cash for a good cause. (Is this the gayest straight blog you've ever read, or what?)

This afternoon, just as I was pondering what to wear to this swanky event, I got the best news ever:

Yeah, you read that right. The Prez himself will be the evening's keynote speaker, & I'll be there for it, up pseudo-close & not-all-that-personal. The Washington Convention Center's a big, big place, so I'll be enjoying this privilege with a few thousand folks, I imagine... but I'LL BE THERE. He won't be on a screen, watched on my couch or through my computer or while braving the bitter cold on Inauguration Day; he will be in the same room as me.

Check this:

OK, so Cyndi Lauper has either ducked out or been dumped, but the Shepards have been added, along with some dude I've never heard of. Oh, & PRESIDENT OBAMA WILL BE THERE.

Am I drinking the "Our President is Great" Koolaid? Sure I am. Do I feel even the slightest bit bad or guilty about this? NOT AT ALL. America is one tasty beverage, y'all.

Signage Fail

This feels a little bit like something from Engrish, albeit not funny or double entendre-laden. My real question is this: Why, Archstone Apartments, did you still put this up in my lovely apartment building? Did someone take it out of the box & go, "Oh, shoot. Well... maybe no one will notice"? Or, even worse, did no one notice at all?
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