Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Clevelander at Heart

It's moving day!

I know, I know - I moved a mere three months ago, almost to the day. But the rent in this new place was just too spendy for my poor wallet too handle, resulting in weeks where I literally subsisted with less than $10 in my bank account.

So the time has come to move on yet again. Half of my stuff is already at my new place in Woodley Park, where I'll be cohabiting with two friends & their third roommate. The two friends are a couple. Yes, I'm prepared to be the female incarnate of "How I Met Your Mother's" Ted Moseby. Say it with me, HIMYM fans: "Haaaaave you met Kate?"

The movers were supposed to be here at 2:00, but they called to say they'd be late because two of them were stuck in an elevator at their last job... I'd nap, but all my bedding is already at the new place!

As I wait - & struggle to stay awake - I should note something significant: Cleveland!

Say what?

I'm originally from Northeast Ohio, about 35 minutes south of the Mistake on the Lake (said with affection, not malintent). After living in the area my whole life, save three oops-years in southern Ohio for college before transferring, I began my "adult life" in DC - in the neighborhood of Cleveland Park, to be specific. And today, after two years in this 'hood I've come to love, I'm headed to a new one. But the name of my new building, even in this new area, is - you guessed it - Cleveland House.

Here's hoping it feels just as much like home.
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