Sunday, January 25, 2009

All My Single Ladies

I found this incredibly depressing D.C. statistic today: "According to recent Census Bureau data, the District has the lowest ratio of single men to single women in the nation." The Washington Post piece I found it from is pretty funny (the transcript of a Q&A session with a D.C. dating guru) but needless to say, this morbid statistic definitely makes me sincerely doubt my mom's already-questionable October claim that DC is the best city in the nation for singles. Perhaps it only referred to single males?

Unfortunately, a Google search for "dating in DC," done solely for the purposes of this blog post & not because I've turned to Google to play matchmaker for me, turns up such awesome single specimens as this guy, formerly the owner of a blog called "DC Bachelor," who Obamicon'd himself with the phrase "Pickup Expert." Yeah, sometimes I'm glad to be flyin' solo.

Yeesh. Maybe I should get a couple of cats or something.

(To be fair, I went on a pseudo-date last night, & it went well. And he's nice. And single. So I shouldn't complain. But, you know, I will anyway. Carry on!)

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