Thursday, January 8, 2009

KGB = Krazy Guy Blathering

Today I had the whatever the opposite of "pleasure" is of riding the escalator in front of a perfectly normal-looking guy who was screaming, over and over, with only a few variations, "The goddamned government is paying into the goddamned welfare system! It's worse than the goddamned KGB! THE KGB, DO YOU HEAR ME???" I don't know if he just wanted the people around him to hear what he was saying (& how could I not, with him hollering right into my ear in an echoing tunnel?) or if he was actually yelling at the KGB, although that one seems a little less likely, I suppose. You never know though, right? The KGB can be tricky.

Now, let's be clear: I don't get scared by wackos too often anymore, having had my life threatened on the redline once (amongst other redline ridiculosity), but this guy was just out of control, and he made me more than a little nervous. I wouldn't use the word "scared," per se -- probably something closer to "annoyed as hell" -- but he was one of the most, um, interesting characters I've happened across in awhile.

Honestly, who yells aboutt he KGB these days?
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