Saturday, November 15, 2008

Election Reflections

Because I never wrote the post-Election Day blog entry that I promised, & because it's probably now too late, I'm just going to post some cool pics of that fateful day that was November 4th, 2008. What a beaut.


At brunch at Open City, we got 10% off our check just for voting -- &, presumably, for being Obama supporters, as was evident by our intense accessorizing (& all the waiters'!).

On the walk home, I spotted this lovely sign encouraging Washingtonians to vote -- & to have a midday cocktail for $1!

All Obama'd up for an Election Night viewing party at Cara's

Screen shot I took during our results-watching festivities -- Obama takes Ohio! The home state goes blue! I'm kvelling!

It's getting close... & we are beyond joyful. Look at those faces! (I'm texting, of course...)

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